Normandie Illustration is a RAW Artist!


Ok, so RAW Artists is a company that hosts large art show events across the country. They invited ME to be apart of their spring Brooklyn Art Show on May 19th! :O

What You Need to Know
Tickets are only available until May 12th
 for $20 with a %50 off coupon for any one item purchased that evening. Tickets go up to $25 at the door.
You can purchase the tickets online :

or venmo me $20 and I will put the ticket in your name if you’re feeling lazy.

Why you should come
1) I’m working really hard to put some awesome new work together that will be fun and also useful, like thank you cards and mugs and stuff.
2) Michon and I are debuting a sweet fashion dress that we’ve been collaborating on with fabric that I designed!
3)There will be approx. 50 other local artists showcasing visual art and music.
4) Because you love me and want to support me ❤ ❤ ❤
5) I will love you forever



NOMI is a collaboration of illustrative textile and fun fashion design. Follow us on instagram: @nomiwear



If you haven’t heard, I’m stoked about the work I’ve been doing for, which is the new food blog associated with the super cool Dig Inn restaurant here in NYC. Find out what your Spirit Vegetable is:


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