14 Dayz of Luv

14 days of Luv

When Valentine’s Day starts to roll around, I often hear a lot of negativity from people about how Valentine’s Day is only a holiday for people who are in love and it just reminds everyone else that they’re alone. First of all, I would be bummed out too if that’s what the holiday was about. But in my opinion, it’s not! Valentine’s Day to me is about Neon Pink, Glitter and Sugar. My three favorite things.

You Don’t Need No Boo!  

This year I’m focusing on all different kinds of love. Valentine’s can be about you kicking it with your Galentines, treating yoself and just seeing the good things in life. So for the next 14 days you can celebrate with me by making valentine’s for everyone you know (lisa frank stickers anyone?), hosting a best friends spa day with printables in my Etsy shop and definitely check out the sweet merch on my society6 page. I’ll be posting sparkly things every day.

So cheer up and put on your rose colored glasses yo!


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