Project Update

So I’ve been working on this allusive and mysterious ‘Job Project’.

One of the greatest aspects of this project is the potential that I hope it has for community outreach.
I’ve been working with a music composition at BYU, my good friend, Zane Harker. He has been composing music that coincides with the art that I’m making and with the story of Job. We have also been reaching out to the local women’s shelter, Center for Women In Crisis. We will be meeting with some women from the shelter in the next few weeks to hear their stories and to incorporate some of their thoughts into the art and music. We will hopefully be presenting our work in the form of a fundraising event to bring together people from our community, to raise awareness of women’s issues in our own town and to pull together to donate to a local and good cause.

Because we are focusing on women’s issues, we’ve chosen a more fitting title, ‘My Sister’s Sorrow: Portraits of Struggle & Strength’. Over the past year I have been studying about human trafficking, feminism and women’s issues in education. I’ve been learning about the struggles that affect women, but I’ve also been studying about the strength and power that women have in overcoming difficult odds.

So here is an update on the pieces that I’ve been creating!

I’m getting ready to start on another one tomorrow, wish me luck! If you want to see other image updates make sure to follow me on Instagram at @NormandieIllustration

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