Muse Art Show Update

Man, I had so much fun with this show, It was a blast! Also, thank you so much to everyone who came out to see me and my art. Shucks, you guys are the best!

I love that I was able to show during the month of Febrary, cause that means that I was able to give all of my Valentine’s from last year some shine and polish and it gave me motivation to turn out some new ones!

Gidget Final

Chelvis Final

I went with a 50’s theme this year based off of some Gidget and Elvis references…and I might have added a mustache, which added an element of Danger. Get them at my Society6 page!

Killer Queen Muse Final

I also had such a terrific time painting this Killer Queen piece. Mmm, I just think Freddie Mercury’s voice is delectable!

If you missed the opening night, don’t worry! There’s these pieces and bunch of other cool new illustrative treats up at Muse Music all month long!


Also, big thanks to my mom and bro. They are my superheroes!


Me and Bro

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