The Job Project

So, there’s this project that I’ve been working on for over a year. A year! That’s kind of crazy, but I have to say I have been enjoying it so much and I’ve been happy to take it slow and to be extra thorough. I’ve been researching the story of Job from the Bible and developing my own little twist on it. I’m illustrating Job from the female perspective, mostly because I’m a girl 🙂

The story of Job sounds pretty heavy right? And it is, but it’s also just a very human story. We all go through tough stuff and I wanted to acknowledge the tough stuff in my life and to help other people not be afraid of approaching the hard issues in their own lives.

I’ve been working on some studies! And my good ol’ friend Chad Danger, has been helping me assemble some panels that I’m going to paint on (and when I say ‘help’ I mean that I just watch him cut and staple all of the wood together while I yak his ear off and we listen to his awesome 50’s Pandora station. Sweet right?).


So here are the initial studies:

Leviathan CA

Job Title Study

Resting In the Lord small

Poured In His Spirit

The exhibit looks like it’s going to open at the end of April! More details to come!

Also, I’ll be posting some other projects that I worked on over the break, including more of the Book of Mormon zine, a new Rock n’ Roll zine and some personal work. Keep an eye out and if you haven’t already signed up for my quarterly (ish) newsletter, than sign up on this form. All information will be kept confidential.


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