Contemporary Art Monday: Tiana Birrell

This week I wanted to write about my good friend Tiana (I like to call her T mama). She is an artistic soul and takes her nature and art moments very seriously!

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 10.33.59 PM

It’s been really cool to watch her style change and shift from technical figures to these patterns and forms. She works a lot with using different layers and masks certain shapes while leaving others to create these beautiful designs.




T recently finished curating the ‘Mapping the Whole’ show that we looked at in the HFAC a few weeks ago. She is driven by color shapes, life, humanity and peoples and cultures. She minored in Anthropology and is now looking into art curation programs at different Grad Schools.

I love how she has been creating a lot of new genre art. She has been involved in so many shows over the past few years! One of my favorites was a dream journal project that she did. Every morning she would wake up and record her dreams on a camera.


She also did performance art as a human nomad. I think I like this the most:

Check out her website here:


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