Contemporary Art Monday: Jillian Tamaki


What does one even say about the utterly wonderful Jillian Tamaki? Her work is so incredible. Her lines are just perfect! I don’t feel like I can even say too much about her work because it seems untouchable to me.


I love her project that she is working on right now of Irish Myths and Legends. Every piece is powerful and the choices that she makes to convey her stories are so unique. I love that she made those two faces red and look at all of the detail in that composition with the layers and layers of blankets and furs.



It’s been kind of a trend lately to re-illustrate classic stories, but as Kevin Stanton put it, ‘Do I need another copy of Emma? Yes!’ When it’s created by Jillian Tamaki, the answer is always yes.



How fantastic is that? (That’s a rhetorical question) Look at how beautiful her thread-work is. The idea of using thread to illustrate on a book cover is so unique. Jillian also worked on some quilts before she worked on these. I think it goes to show how important it is to work hard on what you love, which then makes it so much more valuable to incorporate into commissioned work.



Look at that!

Oh also, another Sam Weber podcast. This one is cool because they’re married!:

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