Golden Fields

I had an opportunity to do a commission for some good friends of mine. It was really exciting to work on because it was a surprise! My friend asked me to paint this for his fiance without giving away the secret project. There was some undercover work and even a close call, but in the end everything worked out!

I had so much fun with the colors, textures and patterns. The picture is of the bride with her two sisters running into the setting sun. How could I not have Sting stuck in my head as I was painting this, right? Tres belle!

Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold Detail

Thanks Tyson and Jackie for letting me create this art!


4 thoughts on “Golden Fields

  1. i seriously love this one. i don’t know what it is; the overall mono-color saturation (is that even a term? i’m an artist; i’mma say yes.)? the play of subtle vs. obvious texture? the teetering between stylized and realism? i dunno but maybe you should experiment with this style more often. 🙂

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