Contemporary Art Spotlight: Anish Kapoor

So, here’s some news:

First of all, the art show on Friday was AWESOME! As anticipated!

Second of all. So for those who don’t know, I just added the Art Education Program to embark on my journey of becoming an art educator :O It’s one of those decisions that came out of nowhere and yet it was a long time coming.

So Spotlight Friday will be changing to Contemporary Art: Spotlight Monday as part of my Contemporary Art class, which is going to be fantastic.

So today, I wanted to start with Anish Kapoor. I haven’t talked too much about my ‘Book of Job’ project…I’ll make sure to do that soon. As I was working on research for the project, one professor pointed me to this artist, who did a really cool project about the Leviathan.

I love the concept of the Leviathan. The Leviathan is a horrific and terrible monster that represents Satan, but also it can represent human suffering and tragedy in general. Anish Kapoor created a piece that was also an experience for the audience. You can see in the pictures below how Kapoor created an environment that was astounding and all encompassing.




For a review on the exhibit:


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