Contemporary Art Monday: Issey Miyake


I saw one of Miyake’s pieces at the MOMA and I thought that it was interesting, so I wrote his piece down and copied it in my sketchbook. I didn’t realize until I was researching him tonight that he is actually a fashion designer, but that’s just another type of art right? He has this obsession with geometric design and some of the lines that he creates through his designs are just so cool!
This is the piece that I saw:



These two pieces are lamps, really intense origami lamps!
I love how he applies these patterns and shapes into his fashion pieces.




And these are by far my favorite:


You can see these in his 2001 Spring Fashion Collection:

And to see his latest stuff (and obviously it’s what we should all be wearing this fall) check it out here:


Contemporary Art Monday: Howard Finster

I was super lucky to be able to go on a fantastic east coast trip this last winter. We went from D.C. to New York and one of my favorite stops was at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
When I saw that there was an Outsider Art exhibit, I went straight to it and spent a good long while in there. Outsider art is so great! Because the artists who create it are generally self taught their work is often associated with naive and folk art (which I love!). It tends to have child like qualities, but then the art often touches on deep and darker topics. The combination is just really fascinating.
One of the artists that stood out to me the most was Howard Finster.


He has such an interesting story. He was born in Georgia and he told people that his art was inspired by visions that God blessed him with. He became a baptist at 13 and started preaching at 16. Because he was so passionate about religion and that topic often arises in his work.
I got to see these two pieces in real life!



He uses typography in a really interesting way, and I love how often he incorporates hand written type into his work. I don’t know if you can see everything that he’s written, but he has a great sense of humor. This piece is called, “Quit Blowing Your Horn Down There. Don’t You See My Hands Are Full”.

He also did some work for R.E.M. and the Talking Heads.

Finster REM

talking heads

And I just like all of his stuff! He created over 46,000 pieces of art. Thank Goodness!





Contemporary Art Monday: Jillian Tamaki


What does one even say about the utterly wonderful Jillian Tamaki? Her work is so incredible. Her lines are just perfect! I don’t feel like I can even say too much about her work because it seems untouchable to me.


I love her project that she is working on right now of Irish Myths and Legends. Every piece is powerful and the choices that she makes to convey her stories are so unique. I love that she made those two faces red and look at all of the detail in that composition with the layers and layers of blankets and furs.



It’s been kind of a trend lately to re-illustrate classic stories, but as Kevin Stanton put it, ‘Do I need another copy of Emma? Yes!’ When it’s created by Jillian Tamaki, the answer is always yes.



How fantastic is that? (That’s a rhetorical question) Look at how beautiful her thread-work is. The idea of using thread to illustrate on a book cover is so unique. Jillian also worked on some quilts before she worked on these. I think it goes to show how important it is to work hard on what you love, which then makes it so much more valuable to incorporate into commissioned work.



Look at that!

Oh also, another Sam Weber podcast. This one is cool because they’re married!:

Golden Fields

I had an opportunity to do a commission for some good friends of mine. It was really exciting to work on because it was a surprise! My friend asked me to paint this for his fiance without giving away the secret project. There was some undercover work and even a close call, but in the end everything worked out!

I had so much fun with the colors, textures and patterns. The picture is of the bride with her two sisters running into the setting sun. How could I not have Sting stuck in my head as I was painting this, right? Tres belle!

Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold Detail

Thanks Tyson and Jackie for letting me create this art!

Contemporary Art Spotlight: Anish Kapoor

So, here’s some news:

First of all, the art show on Friday was AWESOME! As anticipated!

Second of all. So for those who don’t know, I just added the Art Education Program to embark on my journey of becoming an art educator :O It’s one of those decisions that came out of nowhere and yet it was a long time coming.

So Spotlight Friday will be changing to Contemporary Art: Spotlight Monday as part of my Contemporary Art class, which is going to be fantastic.

So today, I wanted to start with Anish Kapoor. I haven’t talked too much about my ‘Book of Job’ project…I’ll make sure to do that soon. As I was working on research for the project, one professor pointed me to this artist, who did a really cool project about the Leviathan.

I love the concept of the Leviathan. The Leviathan is a horrific and terrible monster that represents Satan, but also it can represent human suffering and tragedy in general. Anish Kapoor created a piece that was also an experience for the audience. You can see in the pictures below how Kapoor created an environment that was astounding and all encompassing.




For a review on the exhibit:

KN Art Edition Exhibit Update

Job Pieces

Seasons and Scripture Pieces

It’s getting closer…:O

The pieces are hung! It was so great getting the show ready this weekend with my fellow arteest, the very lovely Kristin Gulledge. As is usual, we were both freaking out all week! There was paint flying and cookie eating and even a few tears, but it all came together, I think better than we both anticipated. The gallery staff was wonderful and we swapped stories while listening to their instrumental flute version of ‘Colors of the Wind’ from Pocahontas as we were hanging the art. It just doesn’t get better than that!

Both Kristin and I believe in show miracles and in Divine help when it comes to creating and exhibiting art. This experience was no different than those that I had had previously (especially when I helped Rose Datoc Dall with her exhibit during my internship this past Summer). God definitely supports the arts!

We can’t wait to see you all this coming Friday and we hope you are looking forward to viewing this art that we’ve invested in so much. We can’t tell you how much it means to us for you to have a meaningful and impactful experience with these pieces that we’ve created.

Originals and Prints will be for sale at the exhibit!

Remember that the Exhibit Opening is this Friday from 6-9 pm at the Health & Justice building in Provo. The Exhibit will be up now until September 27th. If you would like to join the facebook group, here is the link:

Stop by and bring your friends! The opening will have food and music and it will just be an all around smashing good time!