Alphonse Mucha

So I made my first vlog ever!

So I talk about how I’m going to be vlogging with my sister, which may happen a tiny bit, but she kicked me out because I’m too intellectual. Oh well, but maybe if y’all like it, it could be a thing.

Also I don’t actually talk about Mucha very much except that I was disappointed to not see any of his work at the VMFA (which was still awesome, don’t think that I’m giving the VMFA a bad rap, because I’m definitely not!).

Alphonse Mucha was a part of the Art Nouveau movement. The style was elaborate and decorative, kind of like art from the Baroque era, except Art Nouveau consisted of graphic and bold shapes as well.

I’m in Pennsylvania right now, so I’ll write a little bit more when I have the resources and faster wifi!





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