Spotlight Friday: Paul Klee

I spent all of yesterday at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art in Richmond. It was glorious! They have a really diverse collection and I loved it all, as I usually do. One artist that I really enjoyed was Paul Klee. I recognized his name and so I decided to learn a little bit more about him.

He was swiss-german (cool!) and his relationship with art is very interesting. His parents wanted him to become a musician, but he couldn’t get into modern music, so he switched to art. I think what I admire most about Klee is that he actually struggled quite a bit with color theory, but he didn’t let his weaknesses hold him back. He kept working and studying color for his entire life. His strength was his use of shape and design, which is what helped him to became a part of modern art movements of cubism, expressionism, futurism and surrealism. He became good friends with Kandinsky and Picasso, who he continued to associate with throughout his life. He taught with Kandinsky at the Bauhaus and was a part of several groups and exhibitions with him as well.

I saw his piece ‘Clever Child’ yesterday:

Clever Child

He is also well known for these pieces:



To The Parnassus


Also I thought I would add this painting by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner which was a part of the same collection at the VMFA. I just really like it.

Six Dancers



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