Spotlight Friday: Jessica Hische

Meet Jessica Hische:

Jessica Hische – Like Knows Like from Like Knows Like on Vimeo.

She’s…incredible. No, she’s like…*goes to* absurd, inconceivably amazing, preposterously marvelous, unbelievably stunning and THE BEST EVER! Or something like that. Seriously though, j’adore Jessica Hische.

She just does this amazing, untouchable typography that I can’t get enough of. It’s gorgeous and I can always tell her typography from like 1,000 miles away, but at the same time, she’s always topping herself and doing something new and unique. My words aren’t enough. Let’s use some of hers then, shall we?




So I don’t know what to say about that planner except for…I’m dying to have it. K, moving on.



A feast for the eyes.


I love NPR, and I love that poster.


Yeah, now you know who made that.


Possibly the most ingenious book! I know she didn’t write it, but I thought I would just throw this one in here because it’s hilarious.

She just has done so so much and she’s so incredibly young and has just taken over the illustrative type world! I don’t have much to say other than I want to be her. She’s out of this world. And you should just love her.

Check out more here:

To hear her interview with Sam Weber (She is very loose with her language, but she has some interesting things to say):


KN Art Edition

I made another video!

Such as is stated in this video, Kristin and I will be having an art show. The exhibit opening will be September 6th from 6-9 pm at the Health & Justice Building in Provo, Ut. The Exhibit will be up from August 31st until…September 28th? I will check and get back to you on that!

There will be food and music and beautiful art and really great people!

I will be exhibiting:

Crayonbox Quip (New stuff for the series too!)

New pieces from my “Book of Job” project

And other random things that you may or may not have seen, but unless you are a fellow illustrator, you most likely haven’t and it will be a great surprise and hopefully you will be delighted by it all!

Kristin will be exhibiting:

The Grey (or maybe Gray) Area (A really wonderful and insightful show that incorporates so much beauty!

New pieces that are wonderful and lovely and have to do with introspective questions and swirls. Pretty much doesn’t get better than that!

We’ve got a hashtag! If you want to start tweeting about how excited you are about the show or instagram your experience, use this: #KNartedition

Also here is an update on how some of the work is coming:

Leviathan Preview

Spotlight Friday: Carson Ellis

There’s something about that Carson Ellis. She turns me into a fan girl in about .4 seconds flat of coming into sight of her work. Those detailed lines, her tasteful use of color and gorgeous patterns. Mmm! Scrumptious!

I think I discovered her when I started reading the ‘Mysterious Benedict Society’ series by Trenton Lee Stewart (which is a brilliant series by the way and I highly recommend it).


There’s just something so beautiful about the way she uses a fluid medium in such a tight and controlled way. I believe it is because of her work that I started buying smaller brushes and using up more and more of my gouache paint!

I realized later that I already had seen her work on this album cover. Another great find on the free Itunes single of the week. I think that’s another thing I like about this gal. She has great taste in music!


She is married to Colin Meloy of the Decemberists, which has somewhat influenced her work : ) I’ve been seriously thinking about buying this poster. Look at those peacock feathers!



Colin and Carson’s latest project has been collaborating on their ‘Wildwood’ series. The story takes place in their hometown, Portland, OR. I decided that there was no better way to appreciate the project than by buying my copy at Powell’s Books on my trip to Oregon last summer! It’s a good one! I’m so excited for Laika studios to turn this book into a stop motion film!


Also, I love love love her typography. Goodness, it’s all just to die for!

Check out more of her work on her website:

Also, you should definitely check out Laika Studios just because they’re crazy insane fantastic!

The Kristin & Normandie Edition!

We Made This For You

My good friend Kristin and I are collaborating on an exhibition! We will be opening our show on September 6th from 6-9 pm. It will be held at the Health & Justice building here in Provo, UT. There is going to be some sweet music and delicious food, so it will be a great event all around. The show will be up until September 28th. : ) Yay show!

Alphonse Mucha

So I made my first vlog ever!

So I talk about how I’m going to be vlogging with my sister, which may happen a tiny bit, but she kicked me out because I’m too intellectual. Oh well, but maybe if y’all like it, it could be a thing.

Also I don’t actually talk about Mucha very much except that I was disappointed to not see any of his work at the VMFA (which was still awesome, don’t think that I’m giving the VMFA a bad rap, because I’m definitely not!).

Alphonse Mucha was a part of the Art Nouveau movement. The style was elaborate and decorative, kind of like art from the Baroque era, except Art Nouveau consisted of graphic and bold shapes as well.

I’m in Pennsylvania right now, so I’ll write a little bit more when I have the resources and faster wifi!




On the Tube

Well I’m just a little excited about today’s post. I know it’s not international big time coverage by any means, but hey, I’m on tv! Sarah Bowthorpe, my illustration gal friend and I were featured on BYUweekly. Woot!

It is in fact my second tv debut, as my art skills were previously shown on my local channel when I was in the second grade. If I had the footage I would show you the piece depicting a tiny soldier defeating a monstrous dragon. The complexity and proportions of the composition and the craftsmanship of my crayola wax astounded audiences! : )

Spotlight Friday: Paul Klee

I spent all of yesterday at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art in Richmond. It was glorious! They have a really diverse collection and I loved it all, as I usually do. One artist that I really enjoyed was Paul Klee. I recognized his name and so I decided to learn a little bit more about him.

He was swiss-german (cool!) and his relationship with art is very interesting. His parents wanted him to become a musician, but he couldn’t get into modern music, so he switched to art. I think what I admire most about Klee is that he actually struggled quite a bit with color theory, but he didn’t let his weaknesses hold him back. He kept working and studying color for his entire life. His strength was his use of shape and design, which is what helped him to became a part of modern art movements of cubism, expressionism, futurism and surrealism. He became good friends with Kandinsky and Picasso, who he continued to associate with throughout his life. He taught with Kandinsky at the Bauhaus and was a part of several groups and exhibitions with him as well.

I saw his piece ‘Clever Child’ yesterday:

Clever Child

He is also well known for these pieces:



To The Parnassus


Also I thought I would add this painting by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner which was a part of the same collection at the VMFA. I just really like it.

Six Dancers