Spotlight: Library of Congress

The highlight of my trip to D.C. was definitely the Library of Congress. I was completely enamored by the place from the start. A good friend of mine gave me a tour and told me about the the details of every design and sculpture. The most beautiful part of the art and architecture is the incredible and powerful principles behind them. So for this weeks spotlight I chose to show off the art that magnified the mission of the founding fathers of the United States.

Angel of Artists

How Divine is Philosophy

There are illustrations all over the walls that support every different facet of education to forward prosperity.

Prosperous Babes

The artists chose to depict these little babes as productive and active in supporting the ideals of the new nation as opposed to fruitless cherubs.

These symbols are the logos for publishing houses to emphasize the importance of literacy.

Library of Congress

Everytime I stand in this room I tear up a little. It is so beautiful that you can feel it through your whole soul!


I also found a nice column to sketch in the Library of Congress atrium!

Speaking of columns I also have a new exhibit coming up this week. I’ll be showing my commercial illustrations in the form of some ornate window displays that I’ve designed. You’re invited to come to the reception this coming friday from 6-9 pm in the Harris Fine Arts Center on BYU campus. If not, the exhibit will be up until July 30th.

Boutique Invite

Annnd don’t forget that I’ll be at the Provo Farmers Market off of center street at Pioneer Park!

Farmers Market Promo Saturday 2merged

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