Society6: Free Shipping!

Hey! So for anyone who uses the link below can have free shipping on prints on my society6 page. If I had been more on the ball, I would have realized that Father’s Day was tomorrow and I should have reminded you sooner. Forgive me! But hey, free shipping for anyone who procrastinates on gift giving (like I always do). It’s all about the heart and good intentions right?

I have put up the newer versions of the Deep Peeps and I will be working on more. But I know quite a few people were wanting Lincoln Tees, so if you want one you can order yours today!

Also, the great thing about Society6 is that the images can be turned into multiple products including shirts, hoodies, pillows and I’ll be working on getting the phone cases in soon.

FREE SHIPPING available until June 16 at midnight:

Thanks everyone and don’t forget to check out my previous post about Kevin Stanton because he is a boss.

2 thoughts on “Society6: Free Shipping!

  1. Hello! I want to verified my account on society6 but I don’t know how it works..How do I pay for one art? How much did you pay?
    (Sorry for my english :(,I’m turkish.)

    • Hi Su Y, I’m not sure exactly how to walk you through the steps of paying online. I would start by checking your e-mail account to try and verify your Society 6 account. Once you have your account all set up, you should be able to click on the piece you want and then press ‘add to cart’. Then you fill out the information they ask for and I think that should be it! Good luck and thanks for your interest!

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