Friday Spotlight: Kevin Stanton

Meet my friend Kevin. He studied Illustration at the prestigious Pratt Institute in New York, he introduced me to Regina Spektor and he is probably the most hilarious person I know. He is insanely good. He has always been incredibly diligent in executing his work with precision in every detail. He trashed the rest of us in high school, and obviously he is still putting us to shame (We are worms)!

He now specializes in cut paper, which is entirely divine! He has created gorgeous illustrations for a few of Shakespeare’s writings and they are available at Barnes & Nobles. Do I need a new copy of Hamlet? When it looks like this, it’s not even a question.






Check out more of Kevin’s beautiful work on his site:

And pick up one of his books:

Ok and I have to point you in the direction of this delicious nerd awesomeness:

Stanton_Sword Kirby


Yes, that’s LSP XO

Annnnnd he and his brother have an etsy shop, selling swords. Yeah. Marceline’s AxeBass! For real. What can’t this kid do?



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