Friday Spotlight: Jensine Eckwall

This girl kills me. When I see a Jensine Eckwall painting I can’t decide if I should react with shouts of joy, tears, hysteric laughter or anguished pain (It’s one of those brooding/tortured artist things. Don’t worry).

These. Are. So. Beautiful.




I have an incredible urge to break out my gouache paints. Like now.

Jensine Eckwall has worked with several great companies and has received multiple awards for her beautiful pieces and recently won a scholarship in the STUDENT Society of Illustrators competition. Congrats Jensine and thanks for inspiring me today!

Check out more of her work on her website:


July Desktop Art: Coming Soon

July Desktop Calendar Promo

Get excited, my favorite month is right around the corner and your new favorite desktop art is coming with it! I’ll post the final like…tomorrow or something!

July Happenings


I have a new exhibition coming up this July and I am really excited about it! I’ve been wanting to design some window displays for a long time, so I’m taking this exhibition as my opportunity to show off some of my more commercial designs within a window shop set up. This is going to be a great show and there are some other artists showing as well in the Harris Fine Arts Center so definitely mark this in your plans.

The show will open July 18th (the reception will be the 18th or 19th) and it will close July 31st. I will keep you updated as it gets closer : )

Also keep an eye out for me and some of my art friends at the Provo Farmer’s Market in early July. I will post the official dates when I find out and we will see you there!

Thanks again for all of your support and love and have happy sunshine and watermelon days!

I Am the Bread of Life

Last night I was stuck on an airplane for twice as long as I was supposed to. Not my ideal weekend plans, but I arrived safely back in Salt Lake, so I guess that is what matters. While the 8 hour plane experience (12 if you include travel to and from airport and waiting in security…not that I do or anything) was a little painful, I tried to turn my boredom into creativity. I’m so glad I charged my laptop before I left for the airport!

I did a couple of variations. They are all now available in my Etsy shop so check them out!

Bread of Life Pomegranate 1

Bread of Life Pomegranate 2

Bread of Life Sky Blue

Bread of Life PinkPink

Friday Spotlight: Frank Stella

I learned a little about Frank Stella this week at Jonathan Linton’s art school. I am so infatuated with Stella’s designs and bold colors and when I saw his work I was interested to learn about what his story behind his paintings and I think that’s the most intriguing part. There is no story! His entire motivation was to make art with no aspect of representation in his work. He was an innovator in minimalism and abstract art, which is a huge influence in the graphic design world today. ‘What you see is what you see’ Frank Stella said. So the question is, what do you see?










Society6: Free Shipping!

Hey! So for anyone who uses the link below can have free shipping on prints on my society6 page. If I had been more on the ball, I would have realized that Father’s Day was tomorrow and I should have reminded you sooner. Forgive me! But hey, free shipping for anyone who procrastinates on gift giving (like I always do). It’s all about the heart and good intentions right?

I have put up the newer versions of the Deep Peeps and I will be working on more. But I know quite a few people were wanting Lincoln Tees, so if you want one you can order yours today!

Also, the great thing about Society6 is that the images can be turned into multiple products including shirts, hoodies, pillows and I’ll be working on getting the phone cases in soon.

FREE SHIPPING available until June 16 at midnight:

Thanks everyone and don’t forget to check out my previous post about Kevin Stanton because he is a boss.

Friday Spotlight: Kevin Stanton

Meet my friend Kevin. He studied Illustration at the prestigious Pratt Institute in New York, he introduced me to Regina Spektor and he is probably the most hilarious person I know. He is insanely good. He has always been incredibly diligent in executing his work with precision in every detail. He trashed the rest of us in high school, and obviously he is still putting us to shame (We are worms)!

He now specializes in cut paper, which is entirely divine! He has created gorgeous illustrations for a few of Shakespeare’s writings and they are available at Barnes & Nobles. Do I need a new copy of Hamlet? When it looks like this, it’s not even a question.






Check out more of Kevin’s beautiful work on his site:

And pick up one of his books:

Ok and I have to point you in the direction of this delicious nerd awesomeness:

Stanton_Sword Kirby


Yes, that’s LSP XO

Annnnnd he and his brother have an etsy shop, selling swords. Yeah. Marceline’s AxeBass! For real. What can’t this kid do?


First Friday Walk

First Friday Walk

I just wanted to post and say how excited I am that Books & Other Found Things is allowing me to be apart of the First Friday Walk this month! I’m bringing Deep Peeps prints, tees and various other art that I’ve done this year. I’m really happy to be fusing my two loves of art and my hometown together.

‘Books & Other Found Things’ is located at 13 Loudoun Street in Leesburg, VA. I will be there from 6-9 PM tomorrow, June 7th. See you there!

Art Spotlight: The Ballets Russes

Well this last weekend I spent alot of time at the National Gallery and I’ll probably be back before too long. It turns out they don’t let you take the exhibit home, which I find unjust, but I made out like a bandit at the register…

Ballet Russes

This has been one of my favorite exhibits that I’ve seen. The concept is so amazing to me! They blew traditional dance out of the water combining modern art and dance and costume/fashion, culture and it was completely innovative.

The dancer and choreographer, Nijinsky changed dance and he laid foundations for ballet that have influenced our own dance culture. Ballet had been mainly focused on foot work, and the movement itself was restrictive in general, but it didn’t help that they wore corsets. Nijinsky, a male dancer in a primarily female art, introduced the world to movements that were completely different from what had been seen before. His movements were creative and new with sharp lines and odd angles and I love that he was inspired by images on ancient greek vases for the Afternoon of a Faun!

It still blows my mind that they fused so many different arts together in one place with set designs and costumes created by Picasso, Matisse and Coco Chanel and music created by Stravinsky (I have always secretly loved the Rite of Spring and now I have seen the costumes for myself in real life)! This exhibit has definitely reignited my desire to design stage sets and Anthropologie store window displays.

Anyways, this is just one of the ballets from the company, ‘Parade’. This is the ballet that Picasso designed the costumes and set and the music was created from typewriters and other everyday items that they felt symbolized their time period. Picasso was an artist that completely changed the definition of art for the world and then he brought that radical change to dance.

You may be like my one friend who thinks that modern art is ridiculous, but seriously, we wouldn’t have ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ without these things happening first, and that would be a travesty. I’ll stop ranting now, but if you want to pour over my book from the exhibition with me sometime, let me know.

Also Deep Peeps is almost done! I can’t believe the project has been up on Kickstarter and only has 5 days to go! It’s been a great project that I have loved working on it.

If you are in Northern Virginia this Friday, please come by and see me at the ‘Books & Other Found Things’ Bookshop on 13 Loudoun St SW in Leesburg from 6-9 pm. All of the original Deep Peep prints will be there as well as t-shirts and some other prints that are all for sale!