Deep Peeps: Searching For Celia

I Glass Celia

In honor of the Deep Peeps Kickstarter campaign I’m working on a special edition for deep peeps. Searching For Celia is a great rockin group that originated in good ol’ Provo. What I love about Searching For Celia is their original spin on contemporary/indie music. They use an innovative combination of sounds that is lovely and edgy all at the same time. Those clever kids!

This is my personal favorite:

To learn more check out their facebook page:

Don’t forget to support and share the Deep Peeps Kickstarter!

Also, thank you so so much to everyone who has been supporting the Kickstarter. You all are awesome!

If you’re hesitant to pledge your support, consider that even a $5 pledge helps, it only takes 5 minutes to sign up for an account and support and also keep in mind that any money will be refunded if the Kickstarter doesn’t fund.

Thanks, See you for Spotlight Friday!


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