Friday Spotlight: Jonathan Linton


I’ve been interning with Jonathan Linton (in addition to Rose Dall) and it has been awesome! Jonathan specializes in portraits and he is incredible in his technical rendering and capturing likeness and personality. He’s worked for some pretty well known people, he’s been contacted by large companies for commissions and he studied in cool places like Italy. But in spite of all of his success, he is just a really nice and down to earth family man kind of a guy!

He always tries to give me really good tips for my own career and he gives me bags of brushes to take home. (Which is seriously so great of him). My favorite thing is to discuss art philosophy with him! We talk about how art affects the world and how we as artists can be a force for good and help uplift other people. You know that I love that!

Also he is the co-founder of the Horizons Art School in Ashburn, VA so I spent some time this week making craft projects for art camps this summer. Sign up! I want to:

Paper & String Cupcake

To check out more of Jonathan’s work you can check out his website:

Also! Ok this is really cool. I spent today walking around my favorite town : ) While I was passing out flyers to all of the local boutiques and shops I landed an art gig for the Leesburg first friday walk! On June 7th you will find me at the ‘Books & Other Found Things’ Book shop accompanied by all of the Deep Peeps of course!

Around the corner my high school art teacher will be playing on his guitar. Oh that Rudinsky, haha!

Shameless Plea! If you or anyone you know likes to blog, ask them to give Deep Peeps a shout out! If you or someone you know would like to help promote and support Deep Peeps you can print out flyers and post them in your local community. The link is found on my Illustration facebook page: Help these peeps become a reality…in the form of a book, cause I know they were already real and everything. Every bit counts more than you think!

I heart deep peeps


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