A Shout Out to Mom, Deep Peeps and East Coast Livin’

This is my mom and she's awesome! Thanks mom for helping with everything!!!

This is my mom and she’s awesome! Thanks mom for helping with everything!!!

All the reasons my mom is so great:

She is super funny, spontaneous and definitely the life of the party!

She is crafty and colorful and has taught me much of her ways.

And TODAY (!!!) my mom advertised for my kickstarter on the radio! What a cool mom! 97.1 was asking about local kickstarter projects and my mom pulled over on the side of the road on her way to work to tell them about my Deep Peeps project! What the?! Go Mom!

Speaking of Deep Peeps, I know its been too long since you’ve all heard, but finally after working out the unexpected kinks, Deep Peeps kickstarter will be submitted for review TONIGHT and then it will launch A.S.A.P! I will let you all know!

If you want a sneak peak of the video…you can watch it, just don’t laugh too much at my geekiness and strange obsession with mustaches. Only a little bit!

And if you haven’t seen a preview of the first (and hopefully not last) round of shirts, check them out! They can be purchased at the Flower Basket Boutique in Provo and the Roll Up Crepes Cafe in Orem.

As far as intern life living goes it just can’t get much better than this! I wake up every morning to gorgeous trees and birds chirping. I get to drive the mini and people aren’t even irate when they drive behind me anymore because my stalling has decreased considerably! Last week it looked something like this:

Stick Shift Fiascos

But now I look like this again, even in rush hour traffic! Happy!

Metro Tunnel

Also I get to work with Rose Dall and Jonathan Linton on all kinds of really cool projects and life is just fantastic! I know, its like right out of high school musical, except the only dancing that happens is by myself in my house, but I have no plans of stoppin my jig!

Deep Peeps is comin baby!

And if you are in need of a last minute gift for your mom don’t forget to check out my etsy shop! Tomorrow is probably the last day I can get them to you if you order right now. Or if you’re located in Utah or the D.C. area of Virginia, let me know so I can get a card to you! See you for Spotlight Friday!



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