Spencer Olsen and Other News

Have you ever met someone so happy that you thought the smile might just burst off of their face? That’s Spencer Olsen. He’s perpetually upbeat! He’s a ninja, but he always lets you win in a (pretend) air punching dual.

Spencer loves drawing all kinds of things from angels to monsters, all with a quirky and charming feel. To see more of Spencer’s work click the link below! Also get excited for his work at the #ArtOpenHaus April 26-27!

Spencer Flyer


In other news, this has been a very eventful and exciting week!

Crayonbox Quip has been exhibited for the 2nd time in the HFAC as a part of the Annual Student Show. This year the show was juried by 2 utah artists and ‘No School Pizza for Me’ was chosen as 1 of the 18 out of more than 300 pieces to receive an honorable mention!

Me & No School Pizza!

Also, I got to record a song for the first time! I’ve been playing around with song writing since this summer and this week some of my friends were able to help me record one of the songs that I wrote. If you’re antsy to hear it, keep your eyes and ears open for April 26th! The song will be used in the background of my Kickstarter video and will be available for anyone who helps to fund my little deep peeps book and tees project!

Sound Check!


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