Stephanie Leonard

I wanted you all to check out this lovely lady! Stephanie is sugary sweet and her art is gorgeous. Her use of color is brilliant. What I love about her style is that it is so versatile with a touch of edge but also plenty of room for softness and innocence. She is a digital painting rockstar and she is also well known for her pencil portraits. She will be another artist at our open house so make sure to come and check her art out!

Stephanie Leonard

So P.S. there’s some really fun things coming up!

Tuesday is the Student Art Awards show at BYU. I will be there with my Crayonbox Quip show this tuesday at the HFAC at 6:30

April 26th is a big day! We will be opening our Art Open House and kicking off music and food featuring the Ginger Colony, a world renowned band mostly known in Provo and my friend Kristin and…oh yeah me : )

Speaking of kick…hehe Deep Peeps Kickstarter will officially launch that same day, April 26th! Get excited!!!

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