Deep Peeps Kickstarter

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Deep Peeps Book Front

So this is my big announcement! I’m launching a Kickstarter project for the old Deep Peeps!

If you’ve been keeping tabs on my artistic adventures you may be pretty familiar with some of my friends that I call my Deep Peeps. During the months of January and February I painted 1 image for 30 days of my favorite intellectuals and people that were influential in my life. They’ve probably been a part of your life too if you’re a fan of Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln or Frida Kahlo, just to name a few! If you haven’t seen them, you can check them out here on my blog:

I will be launching the project to fund a book, set of post cards and t-shirts based on the ‘Deep Peeps’. The project will officially launch April 26th at the open house I’ll be hosting with a few other artists in Orem, UT (A small preliminary run of deep peep t-shirts will be available that day). Stay updated here on my blog and keep a lookout for my kickstarter link on April 26th!

Not to mention that the deep peeps are getting a makeover with new type and a good number of new friends in the deep peeps collection! Isn’t Abe lookin’ good?



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