Art Open Haus 1: A Success!

Haus Team

I just wanted to catch you all up on the Art Open Haus. It was awesome! So many wonderful friends and people in the community were able to come and show lots of love and support and we couldn’t have been more grateful, so much that we can’t wait to hold another one! If you missed it, here are a few of the fun things that went down:

There was singing and enjoyment

Sargent Pepper's Art Open Haus Band

Tees and Art!

Spencer and Art

And check out this cool collaborative piece for the raffle!

Donkey Hote

Hope to see you at the next one! Also I will be posting very soon about Deep Peeps! Coming this week after much anticipation!


Spotlight Friday: Kristin Gulledge

Kristin Gulledge! I love her! Her wordplay is extraordinarily witty and her art is stunningly beautiful! Her concepts hit straight to the heart and deep into the internal self. Her characters are are often elongated and whimsical.

Come see all of her pieces tonight at the Art Open Haus and please meet her. She is one of the most delightful people in the world!


Also, please read the previous post. After all of these kicks and giggles, there’s a little gloom and doom, but only for a week!

Sad Day

Well, I have some news that I’m not so excited about. The Deep Peeps Kickstarter is going to be delayed a couple of days. I know! Its the worst and it just comes down to my negligence! I need to submit the project in to be reviewed…and then Deep Peeps will carry on proud and strong, Sorry guys! I know you’re bummed and I am too, but don’t fret. All will be en route again shortly!

And don’t get too down because tomorrow is still the Art Open Haus! We set up last night and it is lookin so great and I can’t wait to see you there. Mmmm lookin forward to otter pops!

1 More Day!!!

3 PM Tomorrow!

Deep Peeps

Only 1 more day until the Deep Peeps Kickstarter project launches!! I can’t even tell you how cool that is! There’s gonna be tons of cool rewards for everyone who contributes to the fund including a song that I wrote with some friends : ) and t-shirts, deep peep prints and post cards and books books books!

For all you Utah residents or visitors, there will be laptops available at the Art Open Haus so you can donate there at the show or right wherever you art…starting tomorrow

More Info on the Kickstarter:

More Info on the Art Open Haus:

Spencer Olsen and Other News

Have you ever met someone so happy that you thought the smile might just burst off of their face? That’s Spencer Olsen. He’s perpetually upbeat! He’s a ninja, but he always lets you win in a (pretend) air punching dual.

Spencer loves drawing all kinds of things from angels to monsters, all with a quirky and charming feel. To see more of Spencer’s work click the link below! Also get excited for his work at the #ArtOpenHaus April 26-27!

Spencer Flyer

In other news, this has been a very eventful and exciting week!

Crayonbox Quip has been exhibited for the 2nd time in the HFAC as a part of the Annual Student Show. This year the show was juried by 2 utah artists and ‘No School Pizza for Me’ was chosen as 1 of the 18 out of more than 300 pieces to receive an honorable mention!

Me & No School Pizza!

Also, I got to record a song for the first time! I’ve been playing around with song writing since this summer and this week some of my friends were able to help me record one of the songs that I wrote. If you’re antsy to hear it, keep your eyes and ears open for April 26th! The song will be used in the background of my Kickstarter video and will be available for anyone who helps to fund my little deep peeps book and tees project!

Sound Check!

Stephanie Leonard

I wanted you all to check out this lovely lady! Stephanie is sugary sweet and her art is gorgeous. Her use of color is brilliant. What I love about her style is that it is so versatile with a touch of edge but also plenty of room for softness and innocence. She is a digital painting rockstar and she is also well known for her pencil portraits. She will be another artist at our open house so make sure to come and check her art out!

Stephanie Leonard

So P.S. there’s some really fun things coming up!

Tuesday is the Student Art Awards show at BYU. I will be there with my Crayonbox Quip show this tuesday at the HFAC at 6:30

April 26th is a big day! We will be opening our Art Open House and kicking off music and food featuring the Ginger Colony, a world renowned band mostly known in Provo and my friend Kristin and…oh yeah me : )

Speaking of kick…hehe Deep Peeps Kickstarter will officially launch that same day, April 26th! Get excited!!!

Christmas Unicorn

Christmas Unicorn

Based off of a little art history:
Napoleon Crossing the Alps

Sometimes these ideas of combining classic art with crazy contemporary spins floor me. I mean where did that idea come from? Sufjan Stevens and Jacques-Louis David put together? Genius!

I’m not saying the idea was mine, but does God support creativity? I sure think so.

Also, a little tid-bit on geniuses; check out this TedTalk: