Plato was a loyal student of Socrates. He studied many diverse subjects and became a philosopher himself. He had strong views on the way that the world should be run and sought to change the systems of his day.

In the book he wrote, the Republic, Plato wrote of the ‘Allegory of the Cave’. The idea is complex, but it begins with prisoners in a cave that face a wall with projected shadows, which represents the reality that they know and understand. The shadows are produced by men standing and walking in front a fire light, however this light does not represent truth, but merely a broken form of truth. The truth lies outside of the cave, where the sun shines in the real world. The only way, he concludes, for the prisoners to break free are by those who have seen the real world to loose them from their bondage and to show them where the truth lies.

Plato’s ideas of reality and truth are relevant to our world today. We each have the ability to essentially create our own world and our own reality, but that reality is merely a fabrication without the truth. How have you built your own reality and how much truth do you incorporate or ignore? How does your perception affect the greater whole of society?

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