C.S. Lewis


C.S. Lewis had ideas that were stable and unflinching during a time when there was great contention and confusion after World War I. Many were questioning morality and logic and trying to make sense of the world using the means of radical philosophy and extremism, however C. S. Lewis was able to draw upon traditional principles in answer to the uncertainty of the times.
In his books and novels Lewis expertly incorporated the influences principles and circumstances that were poignant in the tumultuous time that he lived in. He used the psychoanalytical philosophies of two well-known figures of that time, Freud and Jung.
He is well known for the way in which he taught morals in his vibrant and imaginative stories. In ‘Mere Christianity’ he the many sides of Christianity and relates it to those who are unfamiliar with Christian ideas and the practice of applying them.
What I think is most impressive about C.S. Lewis is how he was aware of what was going on in his environment and sought to be an influence for good in the ways that he could: through writing and story telling. His thoughts have been influential in the Christian and non-Christian worlds and have remained relevant. In what ways can you influence the world for good?


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