ShakespeareShakespeare reintroduced the world to ancient stories that have become apart of our culture; not just in the western world, but internationally. Our world is shaped and compiled of the many words and thoughts that were created and reinvented by William Shakespeare. His writing helped to standardize the way we speak and write, and many common phrases that we use come from his plays and literature.

Not only did he influence writing and language, but he influenced the world with thoughts and ideas that spread over diverse areas including art, psychology  and music.  Some have debated that we are Cartesian thinkers, but I would argue that we may also be Shakespearian thinkers. How much of our view of romance is influenced by Romeo and Juliet or A Midsummer’s Night Dream? Wasn’t Shakespeare one of the masterminds of the conspiracy plot?  We would never have as many teenage angst movies that blatantly rip off the plots of  a majority of Shakespeare’s plays. That’s influence.


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