The turmoil of the French sparked a revolution that dramatically changed the way of the people and has influenced the world. Intellectual and other prominent political and revolutionary figures wanted government reform, granting greater power to the common people, or the Third estate. They looked to Napoleon, hoping to find the government and Republic saved by their hero. Napoleon was an iconic figure in post revolutionary France. He was the famous hero that had ignited hope and courage in the hearts of the French people.

After staging a coup, the ideals of the Revolution were lost and a new establishment of empirical rule began with Napoleon at the throne. Upon replacing the government leaders and declaring himself as the First Consul, Napoleon endeavored to conquer Europe. He became the most powerful man in all of France and that power enabled him to establish himself as the Emperor. The hope of freedom and liberty for common the people was swallowed up in Napoleon’s military and political conquests.

How do our actions influence those around us?  How can one man have such an impact? Napoleon won the hearts of the French and the world and was left with their distrust and disgust.

We are each capable of influencing others around us, but will it be for good? I guess it’s up to us!


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