This is what I’ve learned about modern art: it gets a bad rap and, is more often than not, misunderstood. I used to scoff at the idea of a black square claiming to be art, but I’ve really come to love modern art, especially dada! Duchamp was one of the most innovative artists of the dada movement. He created the idea of found art, taking everyday objects and putting them in a different or odd position with the intention of changing the perspective of the viewer.

What I find most touching and emotionally impactful is the inspiration for modern art. After the drastic changes of the industrial revolution and the terror of WW I, the people were scarred and broken. They had previously seen war as glorious and honorable, but were left feeling betrayed by the false propaganda of their fathers and grandfathers. The world didn’t seem to make sense anymore.

It was this sweeping sadness and confusion that led to the creation of modern art. Artists reacted against all they knew, realizing that maybe what they thought to be truth, wasn’t really truth at all. While their reaction may be radical, I’ve found a soft spot for those people who felt so lost and I think those feelings resonate with people in the tumultuous world we live. That makes me wonder, how have we and how will we respond through our art today and in the future?


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