Bieber Fever Utopia and Christmas! Unicorns.

I hope everyone is having an awesome Christmas/Holiday Season (just to keep it pc)! I just wanted to share some sweet Christmas awesomeness of my December festivities…

First and most importantly, I have discovered the end of the rainbow. It leads to a Bieber Wonderland where all rejoice amidst Justin Biebser wrapping paper. Yay!

Bieber Joy!

Secondly, I have been working in my own personal elf shop. I’ll post more cool things after the Christmas gifts have been distributed, but it’s been fun and somewhat addictive…

Peppermint Stache!






Third, just in keeping with some personal themes I’ve also made some pretty delicious pumpkin cookies…with mustaches…surprise! If you think the mustache madness should be coming to an end soon, well, you might be disappointed…IMG_2057


: ) yeah, I’ll get down the correct spelling of Nietzsche one of these days. Farmer’s Market production perhaps…to come!

2nd to last but more than definitely not least a Christmas Unicorn with the emperial Imposter, Soviet (Jeho)sophat aka Sufjan Stevens:

Sufjan Stevens

Trust me, I think we’re all excited for this one.

This one really is the most important.

Ikea rocks

Not just that it’s a cool star, but Christmas truly is a reminder for us to come unto Christ. I love the star and that Christ is the light of the world and the star serves as a symbol of that light and that He will guide us. No matter what turmoil there is in the world, we can truly find peace in Christ everyday of the year. Merry Merry Christmas tomorrow!


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