Apologies for the delayed post! More photos of ‘Crayonbox Quip’ to come next week!

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In addition to the Crayonbox Quip preview, here are a few new illustrations!

1. ‘Once Upon A Time’

I recently had the opportunity to illustrate some posters for the annual ‘Tellebration’ storytelling event in California! If you’re in Santa Rosa, keep an eye out!

2. ‘Little Tuk’

Speaking of story telling, I found this great Danish folk tale based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen (which should definitely be made into a 3-D Christmas family movie, if you ask me).

Little Tuk is trying to study for his geography test, but because of his obligatory chores, he doesn’t have time to study before the sun goes down. He puts a pillow beneath his head, hoping that the information will somehow sink in. As he sleeps, one of the old ladies that he had helped comes to him in a dream. As quoted in the border she says, “You helped me, and now I will help you. And providence will always keep those who help themselves.”

In the dream, various symbolic creatures and people appear to Little Tuk, teaching him about the geography which they represent. In the morning Little Tuk awakes having magically learned of all the great details of the Danish Island, Zealand.

Happy Ending: He passes his test with flying colors!


Best Halloween wishes, tanning, costuming and treating! And for those of us involved in the east coast hurricane, happy camping out!