Contest Results!

Contest results! Alright! Here it is!

Show Title:
“Crayon Box Quip
the innocence and imagination of an elementary eye”

To four of my favorite people in the world: raggedy Annie and Andy, my curly, red headed and full of brilliant brains friends, Jenny my linguistical delight and overall joy and my dear friend Kristin who went on the hunt for the perfect words.

To Andy for his submission of many many wonderful and inspiring ideas,  to Annie for being my brainstormin go to girl and to Jenny for her ever genius locks and to Kristin because she rocks in every possible way.


Love ya so much!


P.S. I think all of Sufjan Stevens’ song titles may have also played a part in my aspiring creativity, but I just associate him with Annie anyways!

P.P.S. Any opposed say, “neigh!”


3 thoughts on “Contest Results!

  1. haha! i’m so glad i could help. and glad you chose that particular picture. i am loving the fact that you’re back and that we’re bouncing ideas here and there again, by the way. 🙂

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