Doodling, Twirling, Moping and Crunching

Hello world and all those who inhabit it! Here are a few sketches from my project. It still needs some tightening and workings on, but it’s coming along huh? Look for more to come, including a head painting gallery page!

And don’t you forget about the contest! Who wants to miss out on free post cards in exchange for pure creative intelligence??



One thought on “Doodling, Twirling, Moping and Crunching

  1. To answer your question, I don’t want to miss out! This is the deal of the century! So here it goes……………….. “Innocent Imaginings.” That’s the best I could come up with. Runner up: “Normand-tastic.” (That is the word I’m going to use to describe anything awesome from now on). I hope I win. I want those postcards! It would be Normand-tastic.

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