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New Stuff!

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I’m having fun with my Andrew Hem and Martin Haake inspiration.

Okay: It’s official!

The Subtitle for this post it: ‘I spent all day tinkering with 1,000 fonts and aiming for a perfect and illustrative poster announcement, but all that work was rejected by wordpress.’
Title Contest
It’s time to make this spur of the moment contest official.
Background information:
This show is based on personal experiences from my elementary school and childhood memories. There;s just something about nostalgia that can teach you so much, ya know? As for me, I was a quiet girl with an imagination that wreaked havoc. I enjoyed all things that involved dancing, drawing, laughing, and occasionally trying to disappear into the wall. What kind of things do you remember and associate with that time of your life? Get thinkin ’cause this is where you come in!
1. Submit up to 5 ideas for the title of this show
2. Post your submition in the form of a comment here on the “TitleContest” contest page
3. The due date is August 13th, 2012 at 9 a.m.
You Will be Victorious:
Whomever can think of the most ASTOUNDINGLY WITTY AND WHIMSICAL title will receive a set of 5 postcards of the final pieces!
Warning: My friend Jenny majored in linguistics; she  has a sharp mind and she is devastatingly clever. You have quite the competition.

Doodling, Twirling, Moping and Crunching

Hello world and all those who inhabit it! Here are a few sketches from my project. It still needs some tightening and workings on, but it’s coming along huh? Look for more to come, including a head painting gallery page!

And don’t you forget about the contest! Who wants to miss out on free post cards in exchange for pure creative intelligence??


Heads and Thumbnails

Hey ya! How’s it goin. Emerging from acrylic and oils I have come to bid you welcome to what’s been on my mind most lately. Here are some color studies and thumbnails from my elusively unnamed show. And then some of the head paintings from week 1 and two. Color studies still to come on those! Also, reminder!! There’s a contest for whom ever can think of the most wonderful title for my show!!  Remember there’s free post cards involved. Try your hand at it; may the force be with y’all!