Steal My Sunshine

Here are a few things that I’ve worked on in my Editorial Illustration class.

So I just got back from soaking up all of the beautiful weather in L.A. and I miss it! I went with the BYU Illustration program and we saw all sorts of things including, Disney and Sony studios and Digital Domain. We heard from Laurel Long and Jeremy Lipking and we went to the Getty Museum and Huntington Gardens, which was beautiful. Every day was packed with tons to do. I learned a lot about the movie industry. And I went to Disney Land, and I did some sketchbooking! Drawing little girls in princess dresses in their strollers is so fun! I guess my main conclusion is that I love California, I love the beach, and I love art and I need to put more thought into my life after college.

Mostly I realized how excited I am to go on a mission. I was so happy to be in a different culture and to see how people live, but I know that there is more happiness and richness in living the gospel and I have the opportunity to show people the way to Jesus Christ.