Celebrate Human Dignity!

Hunger Banquet: March 4th and 6th!

Creative Competition Gallery in the HRCB until the 5th

So at schoooooool I am in the Students for Internation Development club. Their biggest event of the year is coming up just next week! Every year, SID puts on the Hunger Banquet where they give everyone the opportunity to experience a representation of the world’s unevenly distributed economy. They serve 80% percent of those who attend rice and beans, and then those in the 20% split into the “middle class” and those who represent “1st class” are served a really nice meal. Almost all of the money earned will be donated to charity.

Cancel all plans and go! There are going to be great speakers and cultural dancing and entertainment…and I’ll be there, so you basically have no excuse not to go.

Part of the promotion of the Hunger Banquet this year was the creative competition. There were about 130 entries of art, songs, poetry, and couture with the theme of celebrating human dignity. I submitted two pieces; one was a sketch and the other was a larger, painted version. I don’t have a really awesome copy of my painting yet because it is hanging up in the gallery, but it’s better than nothing.

The concept is that there is that the man standing over the boy has a choice. He could walk on or he could help, especially in a time of crisis. I love the theme for this year! Everyone can have human dignity, and so many people who live in poverty stricken areas work hard and have dignity, but they are viewed from higher class countries as less than dignified. We tend to focus on those who don’t put in the effort to help themselves and lean on others for unnecessary support, but there are plenty of people who go unnoticed without deserved credit.

Song of the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BW9Fzwuf43c

I think it ties in nicely with the theme


Confessions of a Shopaholic

So earlier this week I worked really late on campus to get this project done (but it might have been turned in a week late :/ ). Anyways I finally got it turned it! Our assignment was to illustrate a book cover for a book of our choice, as long as it already exists. I decided to choose something that I love to draw: clothes! I always draw outfits and clothes whenever I’m sketching, I don’t know why it took me so long to actually incorporate it into a project. And I might have thrown in the extra work to completely design the cover and typography, but I wanted to so bad. I miss graphic design.

The way I designed it was for the illustration to be bound to the actual book and then the cover would have the circle cut out so that you could see the main character through it. I like the idea of having the more sophisticated cover and then the playful illustration underneath. Although ideally I would have the cover be a matte black with the type a glossy black ink and then keep the pink where it is. If only I had the resources.