Waltz in G Minor

Today was an absolutely excellent day! Definitely one of the better ones. I saw lots of friends; even at the grocery store. I get to go to California! I get to go see Sony, Dream Works, and Disney Studios! And I get to miss a week of school. And I listened to music in the car with my sister. And I had chicken enchiladas! And sweet potato chips! Life doesn’t get much better then sweet potato chips.

So I like to do just about everything, which makes it very difficult sometimes to focus on one thing at a time…like I should with illustration :/

One of my passions: Interior decorating!

So this one is a little crazy, but I love it. Good finds at IKEA: White Sheets that I found on sale and dyed with orange. That pretty yellow blanket, and 19 yards of fabric on sale for $1 a yard. Oh and homemade circle decorations on the wall.

What I love about good decorating is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. I tacked up red tissue paper and wrapping paper from target. I still covet that wrapping paper to this day.

This is one of my favorite projects that I spent 1/4 of a summer fixing up. Wonderful memories with one of my wonderful helpful friends 🙂 Unfortunately, this desk had to be left behind in Virginia for the lack of space in the moving truck.

Therefore, to fulfill my hearts desire of having a blue piece of furniture, I spray painted a new table!




Today was the first day back to school, not so fun. But I saw my friend Mario today and it reminded me that I need to post these pictures! Last spring I took a graphic design class (which I loved) and one of the projects was to design a CD package. I chose the Hush Sound’s “Like Vines” album. Everyone must listen to it if they haven’t! These pictures are basically what I see in my mind when I listen to it. I hope you like them; photo shoots are my favorite!

Oh yes, and I have yet to finish the project completely but I will work on it!