listening to German music in my lonely house

So hey look, I’m back, as promised. And it hasn’t even been too terribly long. So I’ve been gathering photos all night of things that I’ve done in the past…4 or 5 years. And I want to post them all but I can’t do it all at once! So I’ll start chronologically. (Thank goodness for spell check right?)

Yay for high school (installment 1):



Well, I’ve decided to no longer remain a disgrace to the blogging community (Speaking of which my cousin is singing a trashy 90s song). I am committing right this moment to consistently update my page! I will add more recent art, and maybe some old things and…watch out, I’ll actually blog. A little. Starting today.

About moi:

I am an Illustration student at BYU. I am an advocate of Bath and Body works and the poster child for everything febreze. For every one person that thinks Im quiet and shy there are twenty people that cannot fathom me being either and wish that they could get me to shut up. I have pictures of modern art as well as a poster of Zac Efron hanging on my wall…it happens.

So check everything out and uh yeah. See ya!