BFA Project Update – June

With the help of several audio books and seasons of Gilmore Girls, I am almost officially half way through these paintings for my senior project. It is always amazing to see how a painting comes together. I believe in art miracles! I’ve added the scripture references that I used to form the concept and compositions of these pieces.

I was able to meet with some of the women from the Center for Women in Crisis, the local women’s shelter. I admire them, not for having been through difficult situations, but for how they have overcome and are still striving to pull their lives together after physical and emotional trauma. I wanted this project to represent the difficulties that all people face, but I’m grateful that it can be a part of something in the community, not only as an exhibit, but hopefully it will have some sort of greater impact. I don’t know, maybe that’s hoping for too much, but no matter what, I think it’s going pretty well!

Beware of Pride June

Job 33:17

Nightmares June

Job 7:14

Resting in the Lord June

Job 14:7-9

Three Friends June

3 Friends detail

Job 8:2
Job 11:2
Job 15:2

Party on the Porch

Party on the Porch

When I was out in D.C. last year, I made some great friends that also love art. We talked about doing an art show last year, but I only was able to participate in the First Friday Art Walk in Leesburg. Now that I’ve reconnected with these wonderful city slickers, we are putting together a quick little gathering this Tuesday evening. Please stop by and meet with some of these cool cats, me and my art that I’ve brought all the way from the west side of the nation!

Tuesday 7-8
2100 S Grant Street
Arlington, VA

We’ll be out on the porch!

Licensing Dreams

So a funny little thing about me, I have been wanting to design and make comforter sets and dish ware and fabric for a couple of years. I haven’t put too much focus on it…because if you haven’t caught on, I’m always working on one project or another. But now I really want to do this thing! I’ve been making trinkets here and there and now I’m getting ready to put together a small portfolio of designs for a fabric line and hopefully something will come out of it.

This has been one of those zeitgeist projects, which seems to happen quite often actually. I mean that, as I have thought about taking this project seriously, I’ve happened upon a fabric design competition, I mention it to friends, and funny enough, they’ve been wanting to do it too! It’s one of those aligning universe type of things!

A few friends and I are looking to put together some ideas and enter some competitions and submit to printing companies, but it looks like it will be most probable that we will do a small kickstarter. We want to just raise a small amount to get some of our designs printed and to play around with sewing some pillows and skirts, so keep an eye out and I will keep posting about it!

Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been working on:

Art Open Haus 2014: A Success!

The Art Open Haus went swimmingly! We were so glad to see so many of you all come out and we hope you were able to have a smashing good time and to find some great art for your homes. We really have so much fun being a part of this community and we look forward to future events.

Art Open Haus 2014

Art Open Haus 14 Final Flyer

I’m so excited to announce that we’ll be hosting the second Annual Art Open Haus!

We have some musicians booked, good food for your consumption and most importantly, we’re going to have lots of beautiful art from some of my favorite artists from the BYU Illustration program. These are some kids that you don’t want to miss:

Kristin Gulledge
Jesse Draper
Spencer Olsen
Nathan Hardyman
Brooke Malia Man
Chad Danger Lindsay
Sarah Bowthorpe
and Myself

Join us May 16th from 3-10 and May 17th from 11-5 at 1334 Alpine Loop in Provo. It is going to be a great event, I feel it in my bones! Thanks to my good friend Doug for hosting at his home.

Project Update

So I’ve been working on this allusive and mysterious ‘Job Project’.

One of the greatest aspects of this project is the potential that I hope it has for community outreach.
I’ve been working with a music composition at BYU, my good friend, Zane Harker. He has been composing music that coincides with the art that I’m making and with the story of Job. We have also been reaching out to the local women’s shelter, Center for Women In Crisis. We will be meeting with some women from the shelter in the next few weeks to hear their stories and to incorporate some of their thoughts into the art and music. We will hopefully be presenting our work in the form of a fundraising event to bring together people from our community, to raise awareness of women’s issues in our own town and to pull together to donate to a local and good cause.

Because we are focusing on women’s issues, we’ve chosen a more fitting title, ‘My Sister’s Sorrow: Portraits of Struggle & Strength’. Over the past year I have been studying about human trafficking, feminism and women’s issues in education. I’ve been learning about the struggles that affect women, but I’ve also been studying about the strength and power that women have in overcoming difficult odds.

So here is an update on the pieces that I’ve been creating!

I’m getting ready to start on another one tomorrow, wish me luck! If you want to see other image updates make sure to follow me on Instagram at @NormandieIllustration

William Blake Illustration

William Blake B

I took a class with Jessica Hische on Skillshare. If you don’t know Jessica’s work, you are missing out! Reference this blog post:

or her website:

I got to choose my favorite book and then decide a specific letter to represent the book. I chose B for William Blake, one of my favorite poets and illustrators. I had a blast looking over some of William Blake’s poetry again. It didn’t take too long for me to fall in love with the little chimney sweep and the black boy who dreamed of equality in Heaven. I hope you like it!

Last Chance!

Last Chance!

If anyone didn’t get a chance to see my art show, it will be open tonight and tomorrow at 8 and Friday at 7. It comes down Saturday, so go see it if you haven’t yet (or if you just can’t get enough)!

Muse Music 151 N and University Ave